01-How is a property published?

On our website, on the summary table of general information on the property, the original sales price is reflected, and the current offer price of the property is indicated alongside a pop-up image.

02-How can I list a property?

Quite simply, by making an appointment at our offices and accepting the terms and conditions, along with presenting all the necessary paperwork to facilitate the sale or the rental and by entering into a written agreement which serves as a guarantee to all parties.

03-What documentation is necessary to list a property?

In order for a property to be advertised on our website, we need complete information on the property and it´s ownership status, via the following documentation:

  • Escritura – Title Deeds.
  • nota simple from the Land Registry.
  • The last IBI council tax receipt.
  • The last receipt from the community of owners.
  • The last electric bill.
  • The last water and garbage collection bill.

04-How do you determine the current market value of a property?

Through our accumulated knowledge of the property market, via a detailed study of all of the documentation presented and a follow-up visit to the property and it´s surrounding area, we carry out a property valuation prepared for insertion into our large catalogue of properties.

05-How is a property documented?

Once all of the legal and fiscal documentation on the property has been presented, a detailed report will be drawn up on the property and it will be assigned a reference number, which will be filed with the agreement or sales (rentals) mandate and the terms and conditions of our office, and the receipt for keys held by our office pertaining to the property.  Following that the instruction shall be signed.

06-Why is it necessary to sign a sales or rentals agreement in order to list a property?

In order to guarantee potential users of property, a professional handling of the property marketing via our real estate mediation and for the security of the the title holder of the property advertised as a property.

07-How does the process work should I be interested in a property?

This is very straight forward, in a logical order, via the following steps:

  1. search of property catalogue.
  2. selection of a reduced number of properties offered at offer prices.
  3. Request for a viewing of property and the surrounding area.
  4. Property choice.
  5. Acceptance or counter offer on property.
  6. Start of the purchase or the rental process on property.
  7. Hand over of property keys.

08-How do you search the property catalogue?

In order to search for a property within the property catalogue you need to go to the home page of properties on offer and latest listings, and super offers. Therein you will surely find a number of interesting properties.

09-How do you select a reduced number of properties?

Quite simply, after having found several interesting offers, you have to then reduce your selection by characteristics required, such as equipment, surroundings and priced according to your budget.

10-Why is it important to view the selected properties?

Only via a physical inspection of the property and the location can you determine that the property meets your search criteria. In some cases, the characteristics, equipment and surroundings match the judgement you made during pre-selection of the property, and in other cases, to the contrary – in either case, the actual visit to the property is the next stage to decision making.

11-What does it mean the acceptance of an offer or a counter-offer on a property?

Once a user is convinced that a property is well price and he wishes to acquire or rent it, an acceptance of the current sales or rental price is submitted. In the case of other users submitting acceptance of the sales price on the same property, simultaneously, only a user submitting a counter-offer above the sales price will be selected in order for the legal process to acquire or rent the property to start.

12-Can a counter-offer inferior to the price be submitted on a property?

A user can of course offer a price lower than the actual sales or rentals price, but you should bear in mind that the actual sales or rentals price of the property is already competitive and has been calculated as a minimum sales or rentals price.

Furthermore, wherein there are several users interested, offers will be submitted above the sales o rentals price.  In any case, this is subject to acceptance by the the title holder of the property.

13-How does the legal process to acquire or to rent the property begin?

Once the submitted offer has been accepted on the chosen property, the first step in order to be able to take the property off the market is the signing of a reservation contract along with a deposit of 10% of the sales price and an agreement to purchase before the notary, wherein the title of the property shall be reassigned and the keys handed over simultaneously with the payment of the balance of the sales price.

14-What clauses shall be included in a reservation contract or in the contract of sale?

In summary, the date the contract is carried out, the identification details of the persons entering into said contract, the location and registry details of the property and any annexes, the sales price as agreed, the amount and type of deposit or guarantee used, the form and stages of payment, the division of costs associated to the sale, the condition of the sale as free of encumberments and liens, the maximum limit for drawing up of the public deeds before the notary and the signature of the interested parties or their legal representatives.

15-What forms of payment are accepted for the acquisition or the rent of a property?

As regards the payment of the deposit, staged payments and the final balance payment upon executition of the public deeds, the only forms of payment accepted are cash or a bankers draft signed by the banking entity.

16-Who guarantees me that the property is free of encumberments and liens?

At the time of signing the contract a nota simple from the Property Registrar will be attached and this expressly states that the property is free of charges and encumberments. In the days prior the executing of the public deed at the notary, an updated issue of the nota simple shall be obtained to verify that there is no added lien to the property. Upon the executing of the public deed the notary warns of the existence or not of any liens prior the handing over of keys and the payment of the balance.

17-What is the total cost of purchasing a property?

On the website and at our office, the advised price does not incorporate transmission taxes nor notary and registry charges, and considering these charges globally this amounts to approximately 10% above the sales price. Furthermore, this includes administration of the deeds, notary payments and any other payments to be liquidated.

18-What´s the difference between taxes on a new build property and a second hand property?

In the case of a property that is being transferred for the first time as a new build, we have the 10% IVA and 1,5% ITP and AJD (transmission and legal registration tax) and in the case of a resale property we have 8% ITP (Patrimonial transmission tax).

19-What other costs and taxes are associated to taking out a mortgage to purchase a property?

When a mortgage loan is used there are a series of bank costs, notary and registration costs and 1,5% AJD (legal registration tax) on the overall value of the mortgage responsibility and the cost of the valuation of the property.

20-What other administration does a property purchase involve?

In the case of a property situated in a building, a change of title has to be done for the community of owners and also a change of title for the catastral reference and the same for utilities, water and rubbish collection, electric and gas – directly with the utility companies.

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